Stealing someone's baby is a wicked and heartless act!


January 14, 2019
Suzett Whyte, mother of the newborn who was abducted from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston last Wednesday.
Sinclair Hutton, father of the missing child.

It is my hope that the baby who was recently stolen from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital will be returned. When the news broke last Wednesday that the dastardly act had taken place, mi feel sick same time.

I wondered if I was hearing correctly because just the Monday another baby was stolen in Montego Bay and was returned safely to the family. I was in disbelief that at 5 a.m., a baby could disappear into thin air without any member of staff knowing about it or being able to give account for the lady's miracle baby.

The mother, who is 41 years old and hypertensive, had a baby in 2017 that subsequently died. She tried again, and in January 2019, gave birth to a baby boy. About 10 hours after giving birth she said she had to rush to the bathroom to shower because she was bleeding.

The lady seh she didn't take long because she intended to come back before the baby wake up so she could attend to him. She reported that on her way to the bathroom, a mystery lady in jeans and multicolored top told her that it's OK she can go to the bathroom, and she'll get someone to clean up the blood. The lady seh when she come back from the bathroom her baby was no where in sight. All was left on the bed was his little hat.

My bone of contention is what seems to be the negligence, carelessness and recklessness of those who are in charge of this mother and her new born. Yuh mean fi tell mi seh no security, nurse, doctor, porter, ancillary staff, nobody no see nutten?! Jubilee that was established in 1891, no have no surveillance camera?!

This is not the first occasion that a baby is being stolen from the hospital, so what were the mechanisms put in place to mitigate such reoccurrence?! No man, mi cry living eye wata! Somebody know something and nuff people a speculate seh it seems like is an inside job! I don't know if it is inside or outside, but what I know is that the lady's precious baby ought to be returned in Jesus name.


Can you imagine, yuh breasts full of milk, yuh buy yuh baby bath pan, nipple bottles, onesie, Pampers and dribbler and yuh haffi go home without yuh baby?! It is heartbreaking and sad. Dah one yah need divine intervention because mi know the lady and her spouse not resting well and mi know her blood pressure goodly inna the ceiling.

I am appealing to anyone who may have information about the stolen baby to speak up because mi sure if a did your baby yuh woulda want someone to come forward. If you are the perpetrator of this egregious act please just leave the baby at a church or police station or even carry him come a Nationwide News Network at 6 Bradley Avenue to me.

Stealing someone's baby is a wicked and heartless act!

There are many great and professional nurses, doctors, and other employees down a Jubilee, but yuh have some saucera down deh who unprofessional and no care! It is a fact that some patients can be disorderly, disruptive, and disrespectful but that does not mean unnu fi tek dem bad fat and fry everyone. Deal with each patient accordingly.

The lady alleges that a worker at the hospital accused her of selling the baby because she naa cry and roll pon the ground! Mi always tell unnu seh mi fraid a dunce people, especially the one dem wid quarter brain cell! Even if that is the case, why was Jubilee used as the locus for the transaction to be done and who come fi "buy" baby at 5 a.m.? What kind of lunacy is that?!

The woman goodly inna shock and disbelief! Furthermore everyone grieves differently! Tears and rolling on the ground is not the only way to express grief. It is important to treat the "bringers" of life with the utmost dignity and respect.

I pray that God will touch the heart of someone who knows something or the one who has the baby to please bring him back to his mother and father where he belongs.

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