Bawly bawly man

February 14, 2019

Dis woman say she has always dated bad boys, but while she has had some good experiences wid dem, she say overall dem relationship deh jus neva tun out good.

Soh she decide fi try out a soft, sensitive man. She look, an she look an she look till she find one sweet piece a man weh wi gi har di worl.

Boy kind, soft-spoken, very attentive to har needs, hard-working, bright, come home every night, mek baths fi har, an romantic like wow. Di ting tun right up wid har new man.

As di relationship a juggle, she notice say him neva yet give har oral sex. She staat do it to him and mek him bawl like baby! Di man literally bawl tears!

She say she found it funny an empowering one day she ask him why him nuh dweet?

Soh right away him say him wi dweet, if she show him how cause him neva eva did dweet yet. Soh she staat show him an doan ask if bossy was a quick learner.

Him dweet jus di way she teach him, an deal wid it propa. She did inna heaven.

Den now, being di enthusiastic, deeply in love man dat he was, bossy goh staat do him own research fi find ways fi tun it up even more.

Di man tek it to YouTube an all buy all kinda instructional videos fi improve.

Di man get so good dat one night him discipline har so good wid di electric tongue dat she end up a cry.

Yuh nuh know say wen she staat cry him staat cry too!

But she say wen she look dung an see him a bawl because she did a bawl, she say dat kinda turn har off. But she did mek it past an neva dwell pon it.

But massa, she say fram dat aftanoon, anytime di man do oral sex an a gwaan good, him wi jus staat bawl soh. Every time!

Soh now di ting weh she ask fa, an weh gi har great pleasure, is a problem fi har now.

She say she love him tho, cause him is a great man to har, but she jus haffi find a way fi him tap da supm deh.

Awright, mi haffi cut again. See unu nex week Thursday same place ya soh inna mi Star Crib. Stay safe an guard unu head back. Nuh tek nuh cayliss check out deh. Bless up unu self.





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