Kunnu-Munu gangsta

February 28, 2019

Dem say sometime truth stranger dan fiction, an da drama ya definitely qualify inna da category deh.

Dis man a date dis woman an reach a point weh him convince say she is a big time gold-digga, scamma, an a propa ginnal, because she always come up wid some story fi get money an tings fram him.

Him spen crazy money pon har – but wid all a di spen weh him spen, him still neva get di green light fi dem have sex.

It eventually mek him get bex an decide say she a one connist, an because him already spen soh much money pon har, him decide seh him haffi mek sure say him get at least one ‘touch’.

Soh now, him line up a ting weh him convince har fi goh pon a vacation wid him a one nex country. Him plan was dat once she inna hotel room wid him, she nah go have no choice but fi sleep wid him.

Soh dem goh pon a five-day vacation. Wen him return, him staat tell him fren dem how him blaze har every day fi di five days.

Him say him shell har out an mek she bawl every day!

But dem him basically say di way how him mash har up, him couldn’t badda ‘sort har out’. Huh? Of course, dat confuse all who did a listen

Soh dem ask him wa him mean wen him mek da talk deh. Peeps, cut long story short, a so-so oral sex him gi har fi di five days. A him say it outa him owna mout!

Apparently di woman was so skilled pon har con game dat somehow, fi di whole time dem de deh, she get him fi ‘go down’ every day.

But each time wen him done, she convince him say di oral sex mash har up so much, dat she cyaan tek nuh ‘regular sex’.

Unu nuh see say dis bwoy a real kunnu-munnu fi believe dat. An get dis. Wid di five days a oral sex she get, she not even return the favour even once!

Him tongue muss shame a it owna. Di man basically pay di woman a whole heap a money jus fi oral sex. Ole eediat.

Anyways, a leggomentz again eno. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. An rememba, be careful out deh, doan leave unu headback cayliss. Watch di ride. Awright…bless up up unu self.



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