Champs is great, but education comes first

April 01, 2019
Members of the Kingston College track team celebrate their 2019 Champs win.
GraceKennedy Chief Executive Officer Don Wehby presents Edwin Allen with the Girls’ Championship trophy.

After years of drought, Kingston College (KC) has reclaimed the Champs throne.

KC secured the return of the Mortimer Geddes Trophy back to North Street with a magnificent victory, ending the championship on a record 395.5 points over Calabar’s 313 points.

Edwin Allen High survived strong competition from Hydel throughout the final day to win by seven points.

From the looks of things, Champs did sweet dah year yah, as so much was riding on this track event.

It was wonderful to see people from all walks of life come together in peace and harmony to show support for their teams, while still respecting other people and their choice to support who they choose.

Mi like the clean vibes weh Champs have right now, and I hope it will continue in the same way, and get even better.

Mi want big up every school weh participate inna Champs! Big up to the town and rural schools, all coaching staff, support team, parents, principals, and the fans, who, whether win, lose or draw, dem support dem team to the very end.

It takes a lot of preparation, dedication and discipline to be able to perform at this high level of competition.

My only concern or hope is that the overseas scouts who come and recruit these students do so with the intention of allowing them to better themselves both scholastically and financially.


They need proper guidance and development so they can make it on the world stage.

Speaking about education, it is imperative that schools recognise that they are first an academic institution that happens to participate in athletics.

A student ought to be rounded and functional, because there is life after Champs. Yuh cyaa repeat fifth form all five time and at the end of the day, come out wid quarter subject and will only have memories to live on.

It is of extreme importance that schools strike this balance so that students can maximise their full potential.

To the parents who think money is all and will sell out their children’s future for the here and now, please think carefully about what is in your child’s best interest. Even if he or she will not be able to run, do long jump and throw a shot put, a good education and foundation will never decay, and that should be the focus.

Have a blessed and productive week! One Love!

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