Wifey obeah har matey

April 04, 2019

Yoggo yow yow! Greetings and big up all who deserve a big-up. Bless up all ‘Ragashanti Live’ listeners and supporters. Love and honour.

Watch di ride ya now:

Dis woman a Jamaica ever a hear people a say dat har man wild, dat him a real gyallis, dat him go outa him way fi kill har wid bun, and dat every look-good woman him see him want dem. But di woman always argue back dat har man is not a gyallis, and blame di woman dem. She say because har man handsome, clean and ‘pretty’, woman always a draw fi him. She say any woman who look pon har man should instantly know say him have a woman, and dat if dem allow demself fi get involved wid him, a dem deliberately a cause trouble fi try tek him weh from har. She say if di only reason har man get involved wid all these women is because di woman dem a throw demself pon him. She say if di woman dem stop throw demself pon him, him woulda neva involve wid none a dem.

Anyways, har man constantly go get involved wid one a him bunna woman dem, and a spend a whole heap a time wid har and all a move like dem deh right out. It reach back to him woman, and she decide say she haffi go page di bunna woman. She brite enuff go right inna di bunna woman yaad and knock pon har door. When di bunna woman ask who is it? She identify harself as di man woman. When di bunna woman hear dat, she smartly decide say she not coming outta har house to har, and ask har wah she want. Di woman tell har say she come fi warn har fi she leave har man alone. Di bunna woman shouted from inside har house, telling di woman say she need fi leave har yaad now and go talk to har man if she have a problem wid him.


Argument gwaan and gwaan till di woman do a strange ting. She back out a white rag outta har handbag, walk off a di veranda ova to a pipe inna di yaad, wet di rag a di pipe, walk back to di veranda, and jus start use di wet, white rag a wipe di veranda floor. Di bunna woman inna har house a watch har di whole time and eventually bawl out and tell di woman say she mad and dat she need fi leave har yaad right now! Afta di woman done wipe, she look pon di rag and say: “Mi get wah mi need. Mi a warn yuh again, leave mi man or yuh a go know who really mad.” After that, she just wheel and lef di yaad.

Afta di woman lef, di bunna woman get vex and say a now she a go tek di woman man more and more. She start go out a har way fi tun up di sort out pon di man and start do di tings dem to him wid a new intensity.

A next day di bunna woman a walk inna di town, and a di man woman dat walk up to har and tell har say a di last time she a warn har say she fi stop tek har man. Di bunna woman kiss har teeth, and tell a har a bag a claat and mek she know say she nah stop tek har man! Di man woman jus say ‘awright’, and turn and walk weh.

Six days afta dat, di bunna woman develop a strange sickness weh seem to also affect har mind negatively. She nuh waan eat, stop tek care a harself, and constantly a chat foolishniss and a draw out har natural hair outta har head, always resulting in blood all bout pon har. Another man who di bunna woman a do-so-do-so wid too (di man who tell mi di mix-up) say him sure say a obeah di woman obeah di bunna woman. Him say di bunna woman just get mad.

Dem carry di bunna woman go hospital, and di doctor dem couldn’t find out wah exactly wrong wid har. Then dem tek har to a ‘specialist’, and him talk it straight say him cyaan figure out wah wrong wid har neither. Overtime, di bunna woman get worse, mawga dung to nutten, nuh look good again, and di woman man did indeed stop talk to har.

Di bredren who tell mi di mix-up and di bunna woman friends and relatives all convince say is a strang obeah di woman send on pon di bunna woman.

Anyways, a leggomentz again. See unuh next week same place ya so. Just gwaan watch unuh head back and nuh tek nuh cayliss check from nobaddy. Bless up unuh self.

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