Sista and sista bangarang

April 11, 2019

Dis lady have three daughters up ya inna Rinjy Lan. One white, she a 27; one black, she a 25; and one Indian, she 22.

Di modda also deh wid a anneda man now, who happens to be black.

Di black dawta deh wid a white man fi a long time, but har fren dem pinch har an tell har say di Indian sista did a tek har man.

Di black one den goh ask har man bout it, who neva admit it, but neva deny it eeda.

So she conclude say a did true. She believe even more because she an har Indian sista literally hate each other.

Di black dawta den move to di Indian sista an staat war har say she a wicked fi goh tek har man. Di Indian sista say nuttin nuh goh soh, an dat a di man did a look har, but she neva do nuttin wid him.

Di black one neva believe and di war gwaan an gwaan till dem mada get involved. Di mada goh tell har black dawta fi cool, caa she nuh believe har Indian dawta do nutten.


Dis cause di black one fi get even more bex, an she cuss out di whole a dem. Di war gwaan fi few more weeks.

Afta a while di black dawta breed. Wen di pickney baan, she broadcast to everybody say har pickney was fi di mada man!

Yeah, she deliberately goh draw fi har muma man an breed fi him. Of course dat cause anneda big dutty war mongst dem.

Much layta now, di black one fren dem call back di person who did buss it say di Indian sista did a try tek har man.

A deh so it reveal say it was actually di white sista did tek har man! Bangarang reel out! Blacky staat bawl an bay tings!

She move to di older sista an ask har bout it. She admit say it happen two time, an dat she sorry, caa she neva mean fi dweet.

Di black sista den move to har now ex-man (cause dem did lef) and ask him. Him ansa say a true.

An jus like dat, blacky goh falla news-carrier an initiate a string of events dat lead to she being ostracised fram har family, breed fi har muma man, muma break wid fi har man, an bay sittin-sittin.

Anyways, a leggomentz again. See unu nex week same place ya soh. An memba now….nuh tek nuh cayliss check outa road, a watch unu headback. Bless


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