Helper beats professor

May 02, 2019

Soh dis Jamaican woman up yah a Rinjy Lan work fi dis family as a helper. She inna har 40s. She decide fi goh college fi seal up a degree. She been a tek har classes likkle-likkle.

However, she increase har class load an dat, understandably, required her to pay more. Soh she goh to har boss, who is a powerful state politician, and ask him if him coulda top up har money fi she pay di extra fi har classes dem.

Di boss neva itch. Quick-a-clock him goh online an pay fi all a har classes. Him also tell har say him pay fi all har future classes, and explain say a him pleasure fi dweet because inna di 18 years she a work wid dem, she has been an absolutely great employee, and she neva yet ask him fi nuttin.

Soh she de deh a do har classes, an one day one a di professor goh ask har if she tink it is a good idea fi she a do di class at fi har age? She did offended wid di question, an one day she jus in passing mention it to har boss.

Har boss den go behind har back and sen a high-level official fi gi di teacha a page. Di official mek di professor know say him wrenk an outa orda fi tell di woman weh him tell har, an she mek him know say him need fi avoid dem talk deh to di boss helper.

Di professor get bex wid weh di politician link tell him, an run goh mek complain to di head a him department say di politician treaten him. Di department head link di politician, who explain to him say di helper is like family an dat di professor engaged in an “ageism” form of discrimination, wen him goh mek him remarks to di helper.

Di department head den goh back to di professor and racks him up say him neva chat di full story, an dat it was actually ‘illegal’ fi him say dat to any student. Di professor an di department head ketch up inna one big helleva argument ova di issue.


Afta di argument wid di department head, di professor move to di helper well mad an tell har say a muss lazy she lazy an waan free high grade fi di class mek she goh mek complain to di politician an set him up fi staat drama.

At first di helper was very confused….because all dis time she had no idea har boss did move to di matta. Soh she staat tell di professor say a mus mad him a mad caa she have no clue weh him a talk bout. Di professor get mad an call har a damn liad, an say di ongle way har boss coulda know was if she tell him.

But while him a tell di helper dis, him did up inna har face a point. Soh di helper jus bax weh him han. Right away, di professor shub har likkle bit. Di helper respond wid a dig-off-face pon di prof. Di prof bawl out an a roll up pon har wicked.

Di helpa jus get mad an grab di metal dustbin inna di class an beat out crasses, bad-mind, corruption, an satan outa di prof!! She beat him soh till. A propa wappings!

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