Microwave mentality a mash up Jamaica

June 03, 2019
Members of the public in downtown Kingston.

Sometime mi know mi mash some corn an some yam but mi haffi speak truths an rights! I notice that the attitude of ungratefulness and the Judas spirit seem to have eaten away at the moral fibre of our society to the point where to bite the hands that feed yuh is now commonplace!

One time gone if smaddy did a go stab yuh dem woulda stab yuh inna yuh back but nowadays a stab inna face! An a di metaphoric stab mi a talk! Why people wicked, and covetousness, an stay bad so?! God bless the two grain of people who are genuinely happy to see someone else succeed and happy. Nuff a dem have dem mouth open wide fi chat and tear down people and the hottest part a people who yuh help and people who yuh good to!

Many persons claim dem want a chance and an opportunity to work, yet when dem get the work dem better than the work. Dem walk wid the dutty mentality seh dem haffi rob the boss and hustle the people dem tings. That is not right! Anno hustle dem a hustle a thief dem a thief!

The same boss who mek dem can pay dem bills and feed dem family a di same boss life dem set up fi people rob and kill! If yuh feel like a job is underpaying you, leave it and go and find something else or get qualification! Some people want managers pay and dem don’t even have half a subject! Dem want point million a month and not even work a year!

Instant gratification

The microwave mentality a mash up Jamaica! Most people want instant gratification and forget that it takes time to build and succeed. The boss weh yuh see now wid him tings inna 2019, where were you in 2000 or even 1999 when he or she was just starting out?!

The attitude of entitlement cripples the minds of many to believe that people owe dem something. Nobody no owe yuh nutten inna life, especially when yuh big and lazy and no have no ambition! Nuff a dem want lie down inna bed whole day, get up and dig out dem hand middle, play bingo an dem come beg people who get up from 5 a.m. a look it! The way some a dem brazen is like a demand dem a demand it! How can you steal from someone who good to yuh? Look out fi you an yuh kids and family?!

No job is perfect but work stress is better than bruk stress! It is unreasonable fi slap dash di people dem work and yet when payday come every worker want dem money. So if yuh no treat di boss business good and yuh teef it out, nyam it out, hustle it out, where the boss fi get it from fi pay yuh?! The sad part is many persons don’t want to be employed – they just want the money and when dem wreck one establishment they move on to the next. Dat a wickedness!

More while yuh hear people a bash an talk bout “dutty boss” but yuh hardly hear dem seh “dutty thieving, bad mind worker!”

It is imperative that we take pride in doing our jobs properly because you never know when in life you will be the owner of an establishment, and mi sure all who a give dem boss a hard time wouldn’t want the same for themself.

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