I sold sex to help my man who was in prison

June 07, 2019

STAR, mi always hear people say woman must leave badman alone, but I had to learn the hard way.

Mi did have a man, and when he was behind bars, mi would move mountains for him to come a road. Mi say, the man wanted the best of everything, like it was me who tell him fi teef and go prison. I was foolish enough to give him what he wanted. On Sundays, I would give him everything, and his demands would only climb. I was such a fool in love that mi start sell mi body to take care of his legal fees.

When the man come a road, him come live with me. But him never know about the lifestyle that mi did a live a road.

One day, him tell mi him cousin a come link him, and mi cook a pot a food just to impress him. But when the cousin walk in, mi almost drop dung. Mi eyeball nearly drop out a mi head when mi see say is a bwoy weh mi did sell sex to, and nuh ask if mi never do di tings dem to him.

To cut a long story short, him never tell mi man 'bout it the same night. About a month later, mi inna mi sleep and just feel bare lick a reach mi. Him not even a tell mi weh him a lick mi fa. Him just a lick a go weh so. When him hand grow tired, mi could barely see him 'cause him swell up mi eye. Him tell mi how much mi disgrace him by selling mi body all over the community. The next day, him beat mi up again at the gate and throw out mi tings dem.

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