Freaky business at car dealership

June 13, 2019

Wah gwaan, peeps? Mi deh ya same way. Mi nuh deh pon nuh gullyside though. Mi unda some AC ya a beat di summa heat.

So unuh nuh know say yuh have dis couple up ya a Orange Man Lan weh deh fi likkle unda a year. Di woman 11 years older than di man. Also, di man is considered very good-looking, real hot bwoy weh nuff woman always a draw fi him. But him woman nuh too hundred inna di looks area. Even though di woman nuh look too wonderful, she have up har dutty money.

Anyway, di couple go one car dealership fi buy a car. The salesperson was a woman, and it was di hot bwoy who did a do most a di questioning bout di car dem. Di man woman jus kinda kick back and mek him deal wid everything. Two-twos di hot bwoy and di car saleslady start flirt. After a good while di woman nuh see dem. She get up from weh she deh and start ask other employees if dem see har man and di saleslady. Di employees dem say dem nuh see dem.

She start walk bout di complex a look fi dem. She reach one part weh she a try go round a corner, but an employee forward and tell har she cyaan go round deh. Same time she pree another employee a look nervously towards di same corner. So, Miss Lady jus roll out like a real bad gyal and push pass di employee weh did waan stop har.

When she buss di corner, she see a door and she jus move to it and open it. Boom, a di saleslady dat pon har knees a give di woman man a headaz. Di saleslady jump up quick and a wipe off har mouth. Same time di woman start laugh and di hot bwoy start laugh too. Di saleslady start get confused cause she did a expect drama from di woman a ketch har a swipe har man.

A deh so now di woman explain to di saleslady say a regular ting dis and dat she jus love watch dem sup’m deh and dat every now and then she will all tek a one swipe from di woman dem.

She then tell di saleslady fi continue swipe him. But di saleslady say she nuh feel comfortable a do dem tings deh in front a har and how she nuh do ‘those freaky things’.

Di woman laugh and ask har if she neva tink it ‘freaky’ dat she and har man come deh fi buy a car from di company, and she tek har man gone round a corner a blow him skin-flute.

Di woman tell har say she haffi continue swipe har hot bwoy or else she a go straight round a front go tell har superiors weh she do and mek she get fired.

Di saleslady turn to di hot bwoy and ask him fi please don’t mek she do dis. Di hot bwoy tell har say a him woman a di boss and a dat she want. Then di hot bwoy woman tell har say she did done start already, and dat she did plan fi dweet till di end, so she mus jus finish it and act like she nuh de deh.

Because di woman nuh waan lose har job, she go right back pon har knees and finish di ‘job’. When dem finish, dem go back round to the front.

Peeps, unuh nuh know say di woman end up buy a brand-new C-Class Benz from di company through di saleslady and she get a nice commission.

The woman even give her a $400 tip. Anyway, a leggomentz again. Jus gwaan watch unuh headback. See unuh next Thursday.


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