I-Octane rejects prison gift


October 09, 2015
Contributed Scenes from I-Octane 'Prison Life' video shoot.
File I-Octane
File I-Octane

I-Octane rejects prison gift

Following closely on the heels of the video shoot for his song, 'Prison Life', singer I-Octane has joined the heated debate surrounding the gift of a prison to Jamaica from Britain.

Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, during a visit to Jamaica last week announced that money will be donated to build a state-of-the-art prison in the island to house Jamaican-born convicts who are serving time in Britain.

Following the announcement, Jamaicans accused Cameron of ignoring the calls for discussion on the issue of reparations, but instead being willing to strike a prison deal.

"Right now, we don't need more prisons, we need jobs. We need more funds that we can spend on educating our youth and ensuring that school-leavers can be productive and can contribute meaningfully to society," I-Octane said in his response to the deal.

The award-winning reggae/dancehall artiste said that providing opportunities for our youngsters would help to keep them away from prisons.

He said that through his music he has spent quite some time preaching earnestly about the ills of prison life.


"Jamaica needs serious rehabilitation efforts for the persons who are now in prison ,so that once they regain their freedom, they won't become repeat offenders and can also help to keep their friends on the straight and narrow," he said

In his song, Prison Life, I-Octane earnestly begs persons to stay away from all activities which could possible land them in jail.

He said while preparing to record the song his eyes were opened to a whole new level of understanding of what a prisoner has to endure.

"So many persons have reached out to me to share their personal stories of being behind bars and their feelings of horror, despair and loneliness. I could write a book," I-Octane said.

Prison Life is the first song from his DJ Frass-produced EP, New Chapter.

Released less than four weeks ago, the single has catapulted its way into mainstream and has connected with the psyche of the people.

The video, which is scheduled to be released this 0week, truly reflects the imagery of the song.

"The video shoot was rea ... almost too real. Respect to Bling Blang and the crew for a job very well done. This is not about getting 'likes'. This song and video is a gift which I hope will help even one person to stay away from prison," I-Octane said.

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