From handcart to the studio * Master Blade now pushing lyrics instead of goods


October 21, 2015
Contributed Master Blade

Ever since he recorded his first single in 2002, a collaboration with his mentor, Turbulence, Master Blade has paved his own path into the hearts of dancehall fans with his razor-sharp lyrics.

The up-and-coming reggae artiste, who hails from St Andrew, has had a love for music from as long as he's known himself.

Through this economic hard time, Master Blade has had to push on, literally, as a handcart man in the downtown Kingston area.

This, however, only encouraged the artiste to work harder in the studio to make his dream of becoming a household name a reality.

Master Blade is promoting his single, Carty Carty, a song that highlights his day-to-day living as a handcart man.

"The feedback from the song has been very good. I have been getting a lot of love on social media and from my fans in the streets, especially those who have supported me over the years. I have gotten a lot from overseas, also," he said.

Master Blade also hinted at the possibility of the making of a video for the single.

"I have some investors from overseas who love the work that I am putting out so far. They are the ones that are going to help me with the making of the video. All Master Blade fans can look forward to seeing my video before the year ends," he said.

The recording artiste has worked on many songs over the years and though they never got enough airplay, he is confident that Carty Carty is a hit.

He is working to establish himself in the dancehall business and will be working closely with producers such as Askell from Visionhouse Records to realise this dream.

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