'Hot Up' dance gets international buzz

October 21, 2015
@Normal:Razor B
Razor B

Jamaican/Canadian dancehall artiste Razor B is breaking international music barriers with his popular dance/song 'Hot Up'. The song has made its way into mainstream radio in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and in the Caribbean. it has also gained the attention of international Grammy award-winning choreographer, Jae Blaze.

The controversial dance move, which involves the slapping of the vagina with the hands and sometimes fire, has caused much talk in the dancehall.

"The people seh Razor B a Hot Up dancehall. This song is already massive, but it is growing at an alarming rate, and ever since I did both Entertainment Report (ER) and Onstage, I cannot even walk to my car without getting screams from the ladies. But yuh see when me get a message from Jae Blaze, me know seh it gone pon a next level now," Razor B said.

The internationally-acclaimed Canadian choreographer Blaze, who has worked with the superstars such as BeyoncE, Snoop Dogg, Fergie and Akon, says she loves the dance and has the song on replay daily.

According to Razor B's publicist, Karl Durrant, this is just the starting point for Razor B, who he believes has all components of a superstar.

"Razor B is going to be a massive artiste internationally as long as he remains focused. He has all the traits of a superstar - the charisma, talent, image and a great work ethic," Durrant said.

Razor B is busy gearing up to shoot the video for his Bruk Back single, as well as continue the international promotion for Hot Up.

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