Artistes needed to help save girl's life


October 29, 2015
@Normal:Akalia Moore speaks of her illness.
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Artistes needed to help save girl's life

The community of Pamphret, St Thomas and the Morant Bay High School in the area are now pleading for the help of some of Jamaica's top entertainers to assist them in saving the life of a student.

Akalia Moore, a fifth former at the institution, was recently diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and is in need of more than $2.5 million for surgical treatment.

AVM is a medical condition that occurs when a tangle of blood vessels in the brain or on its surface bypasses normal brain tissue, resulting in an abnormal connection that interferes with the body's ability to properly circulate blood. Since her diagnosis, Moore has had to be monitored 24/7 and has been on constant medication; a Gamma Knife radiosurgery is now her only hope at recovery and is an operation only performed overseas.

With first-hand knowledge of Moore's medical condition, the staff at the school are now gearing up to host a charity concert in November to aid in offsetting the cost of the surgery and other expenses.

extremely grateful

Moore's story came to light after a publication in The Gleaner on October 15. Persons were encouraged to extend a helping hand by making donations to the account set up in her name by visiting

Since then, several Jamaicans have made generous donations and the family has received an estimated $400,000 in funds for which they are extremely grateful. With the total cost of the surgery estimated at more than $2.5 million, excluding airfare and other miscellaneous fees, Moore still needs financial assistance.

Though the school has set most of the plans in motion to ensure that the concert is held, Orrette McDowell, teacher and coordinator of the fundraiser, says they need some more help in making sure the concert is a success.

Although he already has some artistes booked to perform, McDowell is making a plea to members of the entertainment fraternity to offer a helping hand and volunteer to perform at the event.

"We already have a few artistes who have committed to performing, but if we are to make this event a success, we have to book a few more," he said. "The students and the community have a few entertainers in mind, artistes they would love to see perform, and so I thought I'd try and reach out to them using this medium."

expressed interest

McDowell listed Beenie Man, Ding Dong, Popcaan, Chi Ching Ching, among others, as artistes people in the community have expressed an interest in seeing, while listing Chico, Delus, Nature and Alozade among those artistes who have already committed to performing.

"I understand that the music industry is a business, but we are hoping that any artiste who has an interest in helping with Akalia's situation will volunteer their time," he said. "It could have been anybody's child going through this. We need the support and would be greatly appreciative of any help extended to us."

McDowell says any entertainer interested in performing at the concert can reach out to him at 899-1409.

The concert is scheduled for November 6 on the school grounds and is expected to start at 3 p.m. Admission for students in uniform will be $200 and for adults the cost is $400. Refreshments will be on sale. All proceeds from the event will go towards Moore's medical expenses.

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