Rapper DMX arrested again

October 29, 2015

Just a month after being released from prison after spending time in prison for unpaid child support, DMX was arrested again earlier this week for the same crime.

The rapper is being accused by his ex-wife and the mother of four of his children, Tashera Simmons, of missing his $10,000 a month child support payments since being freed from jail in July.

According to USA Today, a warrant was issued by the Westchester, NY County Clerk’s office for the rapper’s arrest on a contempt of court charge.

DMX was arrested at his Yonkers, NY home on Tuesday morning and appeared in court the same day.

The rapper's lawyer, Jeffrey Chartier, told the judge that if the rapper spent time in prison, he would be unable to attend paid gigs and therefore would continue to miss payments.

“It’s not like I can hide,” said the rapper. “All I have is my name and my reputation is the only way I can make a living.”

The judge released DMX without bail and said, “I expect to see you back here on Nov. 18 to resolve this case in its totality. (If not) things will not go well for you.”

Chartier responded, “His sole goal right now is to work and fulfil his obligations. And this gives him the best option to do so.”


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