New club to open in St Elizabeth


October 30, 2015

A new experience will be unveiled in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth, with the debut of Beaux Escape, which is a nightclub, restaurant and lounge. Guests will escape into an atmosphere where music, delicious food and great entertainment service converge, creating a setting unlike any other.

Beginning December 3, Beaux will offer a captivating day and night space with a restaurant that will have Jamaican and international cuisine and a nightclub space that will have celebrity DJs and VIP tables.

Founders Fitzroy Hanson and Henry Aarons and newly appointed Entertainment Manager Richard Roache, along with their team of seasoned professionals, will head BEAUX management and marketing team.

Hanson's vision is to be the primary entertainment location that is affordable and enjoyable for all ages.

"There wasn't much of an entertainment spot here in Santa Cruz, so I envisioned

providing an equal environment with good food, great music and some amazing experience," said Hanson.

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