Chris Gayle, Fada Bulla purchase new nightclub

November 05, 2015
Chris Gayle

Star cricketer Chris Gayle and his brother/business partner, Fada Bulla, have purchased a nightclub in Mandeville.

According to Fada Bulla who spoke on behalf of Chris Gayle, the club will be officially launched on November 27.

The Star understands that the launch will be hosted by Chris Gayle, who also owns the popular Triple Century Sports Bar in New Kingston.

"We keep most of our parties in Clarendon and Manchester so we are familiar with that side of the island. We decided to go for the club since the owner was migrating and wanted to sell it," Fada Bulla told The Star.

The businessman/record producer says the club will carry different attractions each day, such as karaoke night, ladies night and after-work sessions. The venue will also be open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday.

"Mandeville is good for a club so we expect business to be good up that side. We already have word on the street and the response has been good thus far. We are always supportive so we expect strong support in return from the people," Fada Bulla said.

Chris Gayle and Fada Bulla also co-own the record label Dutty Fridayz Promotion. The label is responsible for the careers of dancehall artistes Savage and Gage.

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