I didn't diss any artistes, media - Devin

November 06, 2015
Devin Di Dakta

Dancehall artiste Devin Di Dakta has denied having any issues with fellow dancehall artistes Maestro Don and Esco, after slanderous and disparaging comments were made from his Twitter account, directed at the artistes recently.

According to Devin Di Dakta, his Twitter was hacked by persons who want to see his demise.

"Nothing more than some thief and bad-minded person who want attention. I just want the people to know that it wasn't me, and nobody has any evidence to say that I had any part in what happened. People who are real fans of Devin Di Dakta know that is not my personality, I don't even tweet. I mostly retweet," he said.

The hacker also used Devin's account to level insults at the media including THE WEEKEND STAR. The artiste said that showed the extent to which the hacker wanted to end his career.

"Why would Devin diss the media, and mi a get so much support from dem? Dat wudda end me career, and mi want the artiste dem know sey Devin nah pree nobody. mi nuh do dem thing deh. a studio mi guh if mi a diss people...no Twitter finger to mi thing," the artiste said

Maestro Don told THE WEEKEND STAR that he did not believe some of the tweets were sent by Devin. However, he is lyrically ready to defend himself if the opportunity presents itself.

"A somebody screen shot the tweets and send mi. But, on a real level, some of the things that were said I don't believe anybody would say such things about themselves, so that is why I doubt he tweeted all of the slanders. A music wi duh, and wi nah pree nuh man, but wi always ready for a lyrical confrontation, but at the same time I never planned to respond unless something happens. I am like a ticking time bomb," Maestro Don said.

Maestro Don is promoting his new video for Grateful.

Devin Di Dakta was recently

featured on Sly & Robbie's Reggae Power 2 album.

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