James Bond premiere a fashionable affair

November 09, 2015
Daniel Craig as James Bond in Spectre.

Heineken and Scotia Insurance recently collaborated to premiere the new James Bond movie titled Spectre.

The premiere was housed at Carib located in Cross Roads, St Andrew, and was attended by hundreds of patrons causing a major traffic jam.

The launch was sold to the specially invited guests as a stylish and elegant affair and many did not disappoint. Several women were spotted wearing beautifully designed outfits, many catching the eyes of onlookers, while their male counterparts stuck to the protocol opting to wear suits with ties.

Starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, the film had patrons glued to their seats as they ate inclusive popcorn and drank inclusive Heineken.

However, at the end of the show, there were mixed reviews.

Radio personality Honi B, who was spotted dressed in black and white, while wearing her James Bond-inspired tie, told The STAR that she was expecting more.

"I love how the movie started, but somewhere between I was kinda losing interest, but it is not that bad, just could have been a bit better," she said.

The movie lasted for two hours and 30 minutes. Hugh Reid, the president of Scotia Insurance, said the movie was worth every second, he also said he has been a fan of James Bond and even named his son in honour of the first James Bond, Sean Connery.

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