'Find a hit song first' - Kalado responds to Masicka's suggestion that he is not good

November 16, 2015
File Masicka

Dancehall artiste Kalado has responded to Masicka's recent comment in THE WEEKEND STAR that he is not a good artiste.

According to the Make Me Feel singer, who is involved in a feud with the artiste, Masicka is speaking about himself.

"You know what they say, men lie, women lie, but numbers don't. From Masicka a deejay him don't have a hit song and me gone more than 10 hits and travel the majority of the world. So you tell me, a who nuh good? The real people who listen music know the truth. It's all online. Masicka never even chart pon a local chart much less international. Nobody can sing a Masicka song, not even him parents," he said.

The deejay also questioned Masicka's gangster credentials.

"Mi know Masicka as a youth weh used to pack bags at Springs Plaza inna Half-Way Tree. Yuh go in the store and this man put clothespins on yu bag. So tell me now, when since him turn bad man? Look, likkle youth, stick to music and don't tell lie pon yuhself because yuh file don't add up. Also, you a call me bruk, when yuh babymother seh yu nah take care of the youth. Even the STAR publish that since year, suh a facts mi a speak. Find a hit before yuh say another artiste nuh good. Me hear a bag a chat, but where are the hits?," Kalado said.

The feud between Kalado and Masicka is at its peak with both artistes releasing more than five graphic diss records in under six days.

Feuds have been a part of Jamaican music since the days of Prince Buster and Derrick Morgan who clashed over ska rhythms.

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