Actor Taye Diggs wants his son to be identified as mixed not black

November 19, 2015
Actor Taye Diggs and his son Walker

Best Man actor Taye Diggs recently said he prefers to label his biracial son “mixed” instead of  black.

Diggs' 6-year-old son Walker, is a child he shares with his ex-wife Indina Menzel who is white.

"When you [call biracial kids black], you risk disrespecting that one half of who you are and that's my fear," he told  "I don't want my son to be in a situation where he calls himself black and everyone thinks he has a black mom and a black dad and then they see a white mother, they wonder, 'Oh, what's going on?'" he added.

Diggs also made reference to president Barack Obama who he says is often referred to as the first black president when in fact he is biracial.

However, the actor received a barrage of backlash and criticism on social media.

"Dear Taye, please remember that the majority of the people who go and watch your films, and inadvertently responsible for your paycheck, are Black (and proudly so for the most part)," one social media user wrote.

"He is not preparing him for real life!!! The world doesn't care if your mom is white...if u are educated..of u are talented..YOU ARE STILL A BLACK MAN!!! I'm so disappointed in Taye Diggs," another said.

But Diggs is not moved and he is not backing down on his statement.

"My son is mixed, his mother is white, his father is black and that's just how it goes. I want him to be proud of who he is and I want him to, on his own terms, be able to include both parents. So if anybody has an issue with that, they can go fly a kite," he said on TMZ live.




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