Scammers try to make Milk sour

November 28, 2015


Popular entertainment personality Amelia 'Milk' Sewell is imploring members of the public not to fall victim to a scam perpetrated by unscrupulous persons using her name.

Milk told THE STAR that the persons have been pretending to be soliciting funds to pay for her medical expenses after she was recently hospitalized.

"I almost died and I had to do a myomectomy but the wicked people decided to take advantage of my illness," she said.

"I now have two reports of people giving $20,000 each to these people. One saw a member of my family in MegaMart recently and asked if I had received the cash and another person called to say he had been sent emails from people claiming to be from a Gaza Foundation trying to raise money to cover my medical bills," an outraged Milk said.

Milk who is now at home convalescing after her surgical procedure further said; "I just want people to know that I never sent that information out, and if they want to support me, they can come to my party, 'Milky Way - The Recovery'. Come and support life. My real and true fans are always there for me," she said.

She was also quite upset about the scammers' use of 'Gaza Foundation' to solicit the funds online.

"They need to stop using Kartel's brand to do almshouse. Unless Kartel keep a press conference stating that a body by the name of Gaza Foundation will be assisting Milk, nutten nuh go so. People, don't be fooled," she said.

Milk's party will be held on January 9 at Club Famous in Portmore, St Catherine.

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