Kartel fans mad at I-Octane - After singer suggests Worl' Boss is not dominant outside Jamaica

December 01, 2015
Vybz Kartel


Fans of incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel have blasted reggae/dancehall artiste I-Octane on social media for saying the Worl' Boss might be dominant in Jamaica, however, overseas his influence is not identical.

Vybz Kartel is known to have one of the most loyal fan-base in contemporary dancehall since the Gully vs Gaza feud, and while I-Octane's comments might not have been disrespectful, several of Kartel's fans took offence and decided to attack the Happy Time singer on social media.

I-Octane's comments were made during a recent Entertainment Report interview, only weeks after music executive Johnny Wonder told THE STAR that Vybz Kartel was presently dancehall's best seller collectively, based on the volume of his hit records.

I-Octane said: "If yu guh anywhere in the world yuh must hear Vybz Kartel, but him is not the dominant person. In Europe, he is not that, you hardly hear a Romain Virgo in Jamaica, but in Europe he is dominant, he is like the Vybz Kartel in Europe. You never go anywhere and don't hear a Romain Virgo, it gives you a wider perspective of live and a wider perspective of the music".

Various persons took turns bashing I-Octane on YouTube and Facebook, seeking to prove that Vybz Kartel was in fact dominant outside of Jamaica.

"I'm in England and I can say Vybz Kartel runs dancehall in England, it isn't any different from being in Jamaica," user King Tafari1 posted on YouTube.


more money


Another YouTube user, Vybzdichelsea Tom, suggested that Vybz Kartel could perform at one show in Europe and still make more money than I-Octane made for an entire month.

"So this youth go Europe, and do some shows worth a few Euros and later convert them to Jamaica dollars and think he made all this money? ... but let him not forget he is not the only one who has gained such money, ask Jah Cure. He (I-Octane) spent a whole month which Kartel will never spend because he can just do one show and triple the amount he got," he posted.

On Facebook, some fans of Kartel felt I-Octane wanted attention by calling the name of the Rompin' Shop deejay.

"You would be surprised. Vybz Kartel is global and that is why Octane a call him name fi a hype. Take notice that Kartel don't call artiste name, I love Octane tune, but him hype can't pass Kartel. Vybz Kartel still a reign so Octane go write hit tune and leave the boss alone," Nadine Myles posted.

But there were some I-Octane fans who attempted to shield the artiste from the backlash, expressing that he had a reasonable point.

"I-Octane a real youth, listen to what the man said about Kartel before unuh style di man. I-Octane don't need to call di boss name to get a hype nor fame, he is already making hits. Look at most a the hit rhythms there is Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, I-Octane, Mavado and they are all hit makers. Suh I don't see where the badmind is, people just a make things look f$# up on the artiste them," posted Unruly Lee.

I-Octane recently severed ties with popular producer Marcus Myrie and is working on his own production house. He is currently the dancehall act with the most endorsement deals locally.

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