Toddler stops crying after hearing Adele's "Hello"

December 02, 2015

Pop sensation Adele is well-known and loved for singing the blues - among adults that is.

Apparently, the multi-award winning British act has the opposite effect on toddlers, or at least one toddler who immediately stopped crying upon watching a video of Adele's come-back hit "Hello".

The toddler's mother showed Adele's magic in a 30-second video on YouTube with the title "Thanks Adele!"

In the caption she explained, "Roman was in pain from teething and inconsolable. I tried many ways to help him be happy and comfortable.Nothing seemed too work. As soon as I started playing the music video for Adele's "Hello", he stopped."

Well, what can we say: Hello is a chart-topper and a tear-stopper, all in one.

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