Yendi Phillips' Facebook page hacked

December 02, 2015

Popular personality and former beauty queen, Yendi Phillips' Facebook page has been hacked.

Fans who follow the beauty queen’s page went into a frenzy this morning after noticing some unsavory content on the page, inconsistent with the conservative content usually posted.

One post which surfaced after the hack talked about great sex positions to try for quick orgasm.

Fans immediately responded to the post in Phillip’s defense.

“Definitely hacked, Yendi does not post these kinds of things, she not that type of girl,” said one user.

Another clarified, “There are those who don’t realize that this kinda post is inconsistent with what she normally does.”

“Her page is hacked…she would never do this,” said another.

However, there were some fans who were not phased by the sexual content and could not understand why the posts generated such attention.

One such user said, “Don’t really see the big deal why there is so much fuss over this, she’s a grown woman! She’s a human being like everyone else and free to do as she like.”

Another pointed out, “When since sex is becoming taboo!! Y’all chill. All of you have sex! Don’t it!”

Shortly after the fracas, a post was made on the page confirming that there was a hack and the matter is being rectified. Most of the explicit content has since been removed.

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