Viewers stand at Carib to view Jamaican Mafia

December 04, 2015
File D'Angel (left) and Mykal Fox, who plays Zoo Zoo in 'Jamaican Mafia'.

'Jamaican Mafia', had its official premiere on local soil to a sold-out audience.

Scores turned up at the Carib in Cross Roads, St Andrew, to witness what producers of the film have been calling "history in the making".

For those who had doubted whether locals were interested in seeing the film, their concerns were addressed on Friday night. When The WEEKEND STAR team arrived at the theatre just before the start of the show, it was clear the premiere of the movie was a special occasion.

There was a huge gathering outside the ticket area, as scores joined long lines to purchase tickets.

filled to capicity

Soon enough, the tickets were sold out. Cinema Two and Cinema Five were filled to capicity. However, this did not stop patrons from streaming into the theatre. Organisers had advised patrons to return home.

By 8:30 p.m. the movie finally started. Patrons determined to get a piece of the action-packed film went to extreme lengths. Women sat in the laps of their partners in an attempt to make space for other persons. Many stood in the aisles and at the extreme back of the theatre, seemingly unbothered by the discomfort.

Orville Matherson, one of the film's executive producers, said the feeling was bittersweet.

"Knowing how much we struggled with getting this film here, it was a great feeling to see the success," he said.

"People were so determined to see the movie that even when they did not get a seat, they stood in the aisles and watched from there. It was just amazing. Even when persons were standing in the aisles, there were others still coming," he said.

Matherson said the producers are in talks with Palace Amusement about having a general showing.

"We had to rent the two cinemas, and that still was not enough. People want to see this movie, so we are back in talks with the heads of Palace Cinemas, hoping to get them to include the movie in their regular schedule. The interest is there, and the numbers don't lie, so we are hoping that, having seen the film's success, they (Palace Amusement) will rethink their original decision." he said.

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