R&B singer Omarion angry that he didn't receive 2016 Grammy nomination

December 09, 2015

Every year, the announcement of Grammy nominees leaves some artistes feeling slighted.


It was therefore not surprising when R&B artiste, Omarion took to Twitter to spit fire at the Grammys, claiming that he was he was robbed of a nomination.


But Omarion did not send just one angry tweet, instead he flooded his timeline with rants about his single, "Post to Be", featuring Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko that was not nominated for a Grammy award.


In a heated Twitter rant over the perceived snub,  Omarion called the song "one of the greatest R&B collaborations ever."


He assured fans his "moment is coming" and seemingly drew a parallel between himself and Jesus.

"Even though people act like it’s easy to make a hit (& it's not). As an artist you look forward to being acknowledged by the game," Omarion first tweeted. "The odds have always been against me. I constantly prove you wrong. I'll consistently do great things & you will have to celebrate me."

"This isn't a(n) 'im upset' (post to be) rant," he clarified. "This is a(n)- ok so that wasn't good enough. I'll be back. Have my Grammy's ready...The game has long changed since I was introduced to it. They want to still treat me like I'm a new to this. My moment is coming trust."

"So when it's all said & done. Remember. I prophesied it," Omarion tweeted. "It's my destiny. I was destined."


The social media stones started flying when the 31-year-old artiste tweeted that last comment. Many users hit him with mocking insults (some serious, some in jest), but Omarion wasn't discouraged.

In response to one tweeter's"Lmaooooo," Omarion wrote simply, "they laughed at Jesus."

Although Omarion was sour about not being nominated, he still extended congratulations to the nominees in the category. "Congratulations to all the nominees!" he tweeted. "Enjoy this milestone."

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