No more Sting clashes *Promoter says Demarco, Masicka brawl was the last straw

December 11, 2015
File Demarco
Heavy D

Demarco and Masicka's backstage brawl at Sting 2014 was perhaps the last straw for Supreme Promotions, leading to the company's decision to omit clashes from its activities this year.

Many fans of dancehall were perhaps hoping to see a lyrical battle between hitmaker Kalado and rising star Masicka at this year's Sting.

However, Supreme Promotions director, Heavy D, says Sting will no longer gamble its reputation in an attempt to facilitate clashes.

According to Heavy D, the company will now direct its attention to developing new talents.

"From the start, we are about building new talent. We are presenting the fresh crop of artistes in a segment called 'Hotline'. The clash is bringing too much problem and gang vibes. Last year, two set of artistes bring them entourage and fighting backstage. Demarco and Mascika and their entourages have a big brawl at the back of Jamworld. That brawl break out from backstage and cause a big run up and down at the front, making the show close before time. Clashing is just too much for this generation. The youths dem bringing too much aggressiveness.

It's a tune for tune we a deal with. Freestyle lyrics and talent is what Sting is about," he said.

The veteran artiste manager says artistes who rely on controversy to remain relevant will have no part in the show this year, thus ruling out allegations that Supreme Promotions had approached Alkaline.

"Right now, we going with the humble youth that a bring good vibes without the rough edge. The ones with the rough edge are causing too much problems, so we intentionally don't book any of the controversial artistes this year. The clash thing with the youths not working out. We have the responsibility of keeping our paying patrons safe. They come first and have been supporting the show over the years," Heavy D told THE WEEKEND STAR.

In addition to a strong line-up of legendary artistes both local and international, Sting 2015 will rely on the new crop of positive artistes like Jahmeil, Vershon, Tanto Blacks and others to deliver great performances at the show.

"We a work with the hottest set a youth weh nah bring no aggression and violence. Devin Di Dakta and Vershon have some of the nicest tunes out now. Them a run the road, not to mention the "Real Rich" man. Tanto have the whole world on fire and a burn up the Internet. Jahmiel a hold him own very well. So, this Sting have a great variety and the new man them a get a chance," he said.

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