Wally British releases Red Flag single


December 18, 2015
Contributed Wally British

Comedian Wally British is set to broaden her horizons.

The popular online sensation shot to prominence last year after her YouTube videos went viral.

She is getting ready to make her debut as a recording artiste, having recorded Red Flag for MV Music.

The single, is a spin-off of her popular Red Flag YouTube video. It was produced by dancehall star Mr Vegas on the 'NFL Soca' rhythm created by popular Barbadian musician and keyboard player for Machel Montano, Dwain Antrobus (Dwaingerous).

"Wally British is incredibly hilarious. I love watching her videos. Her latest video, called Red Flag, is a hot topic. Since it came out, several artistes have picked it up and have recorded songs about it. That's why I have produced this single to help her achieve the success she deserves for her creativity and hard work," said Mr Vegas.

Red Flag takes a serious look at issues that affect relationships. The official music video has received more than 20,000 hits on YouTube in less than a week.

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