Lady Saw returns promoters' money - Keeps promise made after becoming a Christian

December 23, 2015
Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw

Keeps promise made after becoming a Christian

Former dancehall artiste Lady Saw has begun reimbursing promoters who had contracted her to perform prior to her conversion to Christianity.

Following her decision to become a Christian, Saw, whose real name is Marion Hall, also announced that she would be ceasing her performances as a dancehall artiste.

"I have spoken, every promoter that I was supposed to work with in the future and started the process to repay them," explained Saw.

According to the artiste, dubbed the Queen of Dancehall, she has begun repaying several promoters since her conversion more than a week ago.

"I have been doing transfers daily to promoters, but I haven't been able to repay everyone yet because there is a limit to the sum that I can use daily," she added.

deposit paid

One promoter, Jermaine Blake, who had been contemplating legal action against Hall because she had not contacted him initially since her conversion, told THE STAR that he and the former dancehall had reached an agreement.

"We have spoken and she had agreed to repay both the deposit and promotional cost so we are good now," said Blake.

In a prior interview, the event promoter had said he paid over $300,000 for promotions in addition to the deposit paid to Saw for his St Thomas show, Rumbar Glow, but he had not been contacted by the deejay since her baptism.

The promoter of Yush, Phillip Palmer, which Saw was set to perform on tomorrow, told THE STAR that they are trusting the former deejay to keep her word that she will be repaying the deposit they had paid.

"She has promised to refund all deposits. We have not gotten the money back as yet, but we are holding on to her word in good faith."

The 43-year-old veteran dancehall icon said she will be able to complete the process of reimbursement in short order.

"I am just working on finishing this as soon as possible so I can focus fully on being a servant of the Lord, and the promoters have been very understanding so far," said Saw.

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