Tanya Stephens in Facebook war over Lady Saw

December 23, 2015

"Incidentally... I'm listening out for a clear and detailed apology first to Lady G and then to myself. Maybe then I'll think it's a little less laughable. A no di one weh s@#% a pass memba, a di one weh tep in deh! Jamaica, for the new year you simply must stop misdiagnosing mental illness and bad behaviour of spoilt brats."

That was what reggae singer Tanya Stephens, wrote on her Facebook page on Tuesday.

The post was not to be missed by persons who thought Stephens was taking jabs at the recently converted Lady Saw.

Lady Saw, in an open letter, recently apologised to dancehall artistes, Spice, Tifa and Macka Diamond. Because of this, fans thought Stephens' post aimed at Lady Saw.

"I love you and your music but this is just petty your a grown a@% woman throwing shade at Lady Saw smh. Instead of wishing her the best your over here trying to sarcastic damn your just bitter as f*^%," one person commented under Stephens' post.

"Tanya I love your songs as well but honestly what u said was really childish... Bcz simply put Lady Saw made it right with God now and isn't holding any grudges right.. Whether you accept her apology or not she don't haven't u up in her heart and irregardless of the fact that she may have hurt others in the past I think its rel grown of her to make the move that she did by apologising whether it wants to be accepted or not. Come on now man," another person said.

Though the defenders of Lady Saw came out in their numbers, Stephens, who refused to mention a name in her post, was not letting up.

"Apologise to the world fi born," she continued underneath the thread. 

 "Jus a laugh afta di eediat dem out deh weh a try defend it like dem know noten! If everybody fi start talk bout da craases deh a woulda group therapy needed and a only stadium coulda hold we! Think it nice???? Struuups," she said in response to a comment.

But as Stephens was relentless in defending her point, so too were the fans of Lady Saw, who believed her opinion was immature.



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