Gentile impresses at Ghetto Splash


December 24, 2015

Dancehall artiste Gentile is generating a buzz with his latest single, 'Cliq'. The artiste was featured recently on 'ER' and performed at the Ghetto Splash show in Waterhouse. Locally, his dancehall stocks have risen.

"The promotion ah gwaan good. Mi love the response and energy in the streets. People love the Cliq song. People ah identify with the movement. Dem a call me 'Clicker' inna the streets. The vibe at Ghetto Splash was wicked," he said.

He earned lots of 'forward' for Cliq at Ghetto Splash. Walking out to loud cheers and horns, Gentile declared 'Man a clicker! Man a clicker!'. He wore his own branded 'Outlaw Thug' shirts and worked a well-organised set. Two female dancers joined him for Clean And Come Out. The artiste closed his set on a high with another single, Sick.

"Ghetto Splash was a great look. I am looking forward to some other events this Christmas season," he said.

Gentile is promoting Cliq, racking up thousands of views on YouTube. He has done interviews on TVJ, RJR 94 FM, Hitz FM, and Zip.

"The fans dem love the energy, the Outlaw sign, and dem love the video," he said.

The video, which has a cinematic effect, has a gritty, realistic feel and has some great action scenes. Gentile will release his debut EP, Clicka, next month. It includes other singles such as Outlaw, Grinder, and Own It.

He can be followed on Twitter @gentileoutlawthug.

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