Indian soap opera inspires Kushi


December 24, 2015
Contributed Tiana

OutAroad Production recording artiste Tiana has been blowing up local radio with her latest single, 'Kushi', produced by indie label Chase Mills Records.

"The radio disc jockeys have responded to this song in a big way. Dalton Leith pulled it up four times last week, Garfield Hamilton, Troy McLean played it for about two minutes straight, DJ Roderick from HITZ have given me some great spins, DJ Wayne from IRIE FM dropped it over the weekend, the support has been great," Tiana said.

Released one week ago, Kushi has already generated thousands of views and likes on YouTube, and Instagram, Tiana said.

The song cashes in on a wave of popularity surrounding an Indian daily soap opera which airs on local TV, and which features a popular main character called 'Khushi'. The soap has become a bit of a cult hit in Jamaica.

"Everyone is talking about the soap opera Kushi, so I thought it was a great idea to do a song that was playing on that popularity in a naughty way," she said,


Tiana has been enjoying favourable success in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, several nations in Africa and the Caribbean.

The self-proclaimed Dancehall Dutchess is now on her way to widen her fan base with the recent release of her collab, Think Bout Me, with dancehall's top man Vybz Kartel. The raw version of the song has racked up over 150,000 views in one month on YouTube, and the clean version will be released in the first week of 2016.

She has already completed several scenes for the Think Bout Me video in Jamaica and Luxembourg, Europe.

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