Nuffy disses Gully Bop, LA Lewis in new song

January 16, 2016
LA Lewis
Gully Bop
MC Nuffy

In late December, MC Nuffy told The STAR that his New Year's resolution was to avoid controversy. However, less than a month into the new year and the MC is back to his usual antics with the release of a diss song, Hypocrite, aimed at several recording artistes, including Gully Bop, L.A. Lewis and Dr Love.

MC Nuffy says he recorded the song in order to clear the air on issues which bothered him in recent times.

"Mi did seh 2016 mi nuh inna nuh whole heap a mix up and nuh whole heap a excitement because mi mother, mi current woman and mi babymother dem look pan mi and seh forget about some things now because they saw that I was doing some things for fun, yet some people a tek it serious. So mi seh, 'Yuh kno wah, 2016 mi nah bother.' But a just the thing dem weh happen to mi, I was trying my best to hold it inside, but I had to do the song so that I can express myself and lose some of the anger that I had bottled up," he told The STAR.

failed relationship

MC Nuffy, who severed ties with Gully Bop in 2015, also used the song to throw jabs at the deejay, paying attention to the recent failed relationship with Shauna Chin. He also joked about the Chris Gayle saga and Shebada.

"The reception has been great. I have always written songs for people, but this one was more personal, so I decided to do it myself. I touched on most of the relevant topics, and persons love it. You have couple weh a seh negative things, but the majority love it," he said.

The song has so far triggered a response from social media comedian Dr Love, who took to Facebook to express his distaste for the lyrics.

"Mi hear nasty face Nuffy mek song and try fi style mi seh him nuh want nuh fren from nuh obeah man. Nuffy, mek yuh tell yuh something, yuh shoulda neva try to come my way. Mi a guh mek yuh house haunted. Mi a guh mek sure seh yuh car can't start. Now Sting over and yuh a dead fi hungry and yuh want a buss back. Yuh life a guh haunted," Dr Love posted.

Nuffy had tried his hands at music before, releasing songs like Money Maker featuring Vybz Kartel, Colour Up Mi Hair and How Mi Nuff Suh.

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