I have nothing against Gully Bop ex

February 08, 2016
File Jamaican actress Shauna Chin
Jamaican actress Shauna Chin.
Chin Chin

Following reports of plans being made by the lawyers representing Jamaica-born actress Shauna Chin to serve a cease and desist order on Gully Bop's ex-fiancEe, Laniece Shauna Anderson, the actress has sought to set the record straight.

As news broke, scores of persons took to social media in defence of Anderson, who had been using 'Shauna Chin' as her stage name. The Jamaican actress has since come under heavy scrutiny by persons who were presumably of the opinion that she was envious of Anderson's success using the moniker.

Chin is now desirous of informing all who have made disparaging remarks regarding the move to bar the dancehall artiste from using her name, that it was never her intent for the information to be published in the media.

"THE STAR reporter who released the story about the cease and desist letter can verify that neither I nor anyone from my team contacted them about the existence of the letter," Chin explained in an email. "Persons in the entertainment community knew about this letter months ago, it has never been a secret. I just chose to not speak about it in the media because even though I lead a public life, I'm a very private person."

The international actress, writer, and director further explained that she in no way had any intentions of seeking any publicity from the matter, but instead it was a wise business decision.

"In Hollywood, if your personal life is paraded in the media negatively, then a certain calibre of projects back away from working with you because that affects securing insurance for their project," she wrote.

To further cement her point, Chin recounted a horrific incident which completely ruined an opportunity in show business for her.

I just happened to know a friend of one producer who was attempting to work with me, and then they politely declined because of my Google image," she added. "When I saw the message (screenshot attached), I was mortified and immediately had to start reaching out to the producers to inform them of the brand confusion, but by then the damage was already done ... I'm simply stating that it is in severe contrast to my current brand and the level I want to take my career. Luckily, I had already trademarked the name Shauna Chin as a brand, which means any person can be named Shauna Chin, however, they can't use the name as a professional entity or business."

The actress said she wishes "Miss Anderson the best, and am happy to hear that she already chose her new name."

Anderson has since traded in the moniker 'Shauna Chin' for 'Chin Chin' as she continues to pursue a career in music, with her recently released My Life.

Shauna Chin, a native of Montego Bay in St James, is most known for her guest-starring role on the Jamaican television series The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate.

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