Honi B celebrates 27 at Ambrosia

February 12, 2016
Contributed Honi B

Media personality Honi B will be celebrating her 27th birthday tomorrow at Jungle Fyah in Portmore with an event titled Ambrosia. The SunCity radio host, who recently took part in a photo shoot for the event, says becoming 27 is a good cause to celebrate.

"This is the introduction and I am trying to sell happiness and feeling good. It's about having fun and enjoying your moment on Earth," she said.

The media personality also said the title of the event embodies the type of entertainment she wants to deliver to her potential patrons.

"Ambrosia is Greek and it's basically speaking about fine food, fine wines, immortality and longevity. This event is a celebration of life and for better years to come. People should come out, especially if you have been listening to me on air all along and wanted to meet me. Come out because it's just something nice to do on a Saturday night. Also I will be charging only 27 dollars at the gate, so come with your change," Honi B laughed.

DJs booked to play at the event include Supa Hype, Gary Freestyle, Calico and Fire Wayne. Ambrosia starts at

9 p.m. and is sponsored by Daunzri, Tiajana, SunCity and Jungle Fyah, among others.

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