Omari Banks' new single a love story

February 12, 2016
Omari Banks

Reggae artiste Omari Banks has collaborated with platinum-selling producer/Grammy nominee, Jason 'J-Vibe' Farmer for his new release, 'Me and You'.

The single is a love song which is reminiscent of lover's rock reggae and is also Omari Banks' first official release since 2016.

"My inspiration was actually observing relationships and how they can get complicated when outside influences come into the equation. Sometimes all that is needed to bring things back to a healthy and good position is the two parties working things out themselves. The song is about a couple who've been together for a while that are still in love but get caught up with the day-to-day proceedings. They aren't spending valuable time with each other and with this realisation, they are working towards getting things in the right perspective. If you've been in a relationship, then you will relate," the artiste explained.

The single has already raised eyebrows in the Cayman islands after its addition to the Hot 104 playlist. Popular selectors like DJ Preston from Cayman and The Gadiethz from The International Morning Ride Show in Tortola have also given the record a nod.


Me and You has also received rotation in St Maarten. Turks & Caicos DJ The Connoisseur had this to say about the single: "He has a melodious voice, something that is really special. The message within his song is certainly going to captivate the hearts of many and the minds of those who haven't heard real vocals in a long time I honestly support this project and I think that every media house and broadcaster should support and give it full support. It's definitely a thumbs up from me".

Me and You will be distributed by VP Records - Vpal. Banks spent the majority of 2015 touring and spreading his brand across the United States and Caribbean.

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