Richie Stephens capitalises on Rihanna's 'Work'

February 20, 2016
Richie Stephens

Dancehall/reggae artiste Richie Stephens has remixed some of the songs on his 1998 'Sail Away' rhythm in an attempt to benefit from Rihanna's sample of his song for her hit record 'Work. 'Work', which currently sits at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart has sparked new life into the dancehall rhythm. Stephens ha's so far remixed his song 'Take Me Away' with Assassin, as well as Sean Paul's 'Fit and Legit' with Ikaya.

"Based on the Rihanna situation it brought a lot of credit to my work. People now want to hear my song, so I decided that it would be good remix some of the songs from the juggling," he said.

Richie Stephens says he will not be remixing all the songs on the project since they are already available online. However, he is looking to record a fresh batch of reggae/dancehall artistes on the rhythm.

"I am open to recording new artistes on the rhythm and that is what we are looking into at present. I haven't checked my iTunes as yet, but I suspect that sales have improved because there is definitely a demand for it," he said.

In wake of Rolling Stones Magazine's recent controversial suggestion that Work was a Tropical House record instead of dancehall, Stephens also advised Jamaicans to document their culture to prevent foreigners from rebranding their creations.

"I wish the government would do more for the music, even in situations when our culture is compromised it's mainly because we haven't been documenting," he said.

In recent times, Stephens artiste has been busy touring places like Brazil and Italy.

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