Lex-A-Million says Aye Gyal

March 11, 2016
Contributed Lex-A-Million

US-based dancehall and reggae artiste Lex-A-Million is promoting a new single, 'Aye Gyal.' The artiste, who took a brief break from the music industry, is hoping 2016 will be his breakout year.

Lex-A-Million has worked with notable persons in the music industry Delly Ranks, Nikki Z and Justus of JA Productions. The artiste said Aye Gyal has hit potential.

The single was produced by Emilio Bowens for Track Starr Music Group. Lex-A-Million said he hopes the record will stimulate happiness.

"I feel, as an artiste, it's my duty to make the masses feel good by creating feel-good music. That's what this new song is about. I think anyone can relate to Aye Gyal. From a male's perspective, it's about physical attraction and wanting a woman for possessing the right character or, in other words, saying to that person, let's turn this into a forever thing'," he said.

A music video for Aye Gyal is slated for released in upcoming weeks. Lex-A-Million said he wants to create music targeting a female audience.

"I definitely want to cater more to the ladies and, with the help of Track Starr Music, The Facey kid, my peers and my city, I feel like Aye Gyal is perfect to kick off my #Milli campaign," he said.

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