Dr Love to counter sue LA Lewis - Deejays head into legal battle

April 18, 2016
Ninja Man
LA Lewis
Dr Love

US-based dancehall artiste and blogger Christopher 'Dr Love' Crooks has hired a lawyer to counter sue LA Lewis for "malicious prosecution, invasion of privacy and abuse of the judicial process".

"LA Lewis has gone too far with this thing now, this lawsuit he is filing against me and Ninja Man is frivolous. I have instructed my lawyers in the US to file a counter suit in the Jamaican courts against this man," Dr Love said.

Two weeks ago, LA Lewis hired a lawyer to begin legal proceedings against Desmond 'Ninja Man' Ballentine and Christopher 'Dr Love' Crooks over a picture disseminated over the Internet, which suggests an intimate relationship between Lewis and Ninja Man's son who is known as 'Spuggy'.

A letter, written by Hannah Harris-Barrington, senior solicitor-at-law, gave the two artistes seven days to retract the slanderous statements and to issue a public apology or legal action will be initiated to recover "compensation, costs and legal interest". The seven days have since expired and LA Lewis is moving forward with the legal action.




"Ninja man and Dr Love have slandered my name and they will not be getting away with it," LA Lewis said. "I am going through with the lawsuit because the bwoy dem bright. Dem mek mi a lose money because promoters are saying I need to clear up the rumours before dem can work wid mi. LA Lewis is a corporate entity, and I am not playing with them. Mi nuh mix up in a nastiness. Born straight and stay straight," he said.

The allegation has spawned several pictures online some of which depict LA Lewis in what looks like a bridal veil next to Ninja Man's son. LA Lewis has denied the rumours that he is involved in any sort of homosexual relationship.

Last week, Dr Love released a single called Why You Doing It in which he makes disparaging remarks about LA Lewis.

Ninja Man was unavailable for comment. However, the deejay didn't seem bothered by the impending lawsuit since instead of a public apology, he decided to post another video on social media calling LA Lewis several names.

"Who him think him can intimidate? Better mi stop entertain them thing yah...The amount of clip weh we have weh you disrespect and violate people, the whole Jamaica can sue yuh. Even the Queen of England can sue yuh. I am so sorry for you because you are sick," Ninja Man said in his video.

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