Teetimus defends wearing nail polish

April 23, 2016
Applying nail polish appears is more than just decorating your fingers.
Nail Polish
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Iconic producer/recording artiste Teetimus, has defended a photo which recently surfaced on social media revealing that he wore nail polish. According to the artiste, the practise has nothing to do with his sexuality, but rather his artistic insight.

The producer also made mention of the legendary Lee Scratch Perry whom is also known to wear strange clothing and ornaments. Teetimus told THE STAR, that the common man will not fully understand how protagonists in the field of art interpret fashion and the world.

He also claims real fans of his work are aware that he was wearing tight clothes and kilts before American rappers Young Thug, Kanye West and Rich Homie Quan. However, many continue to assume he has been copying their style because of ignorance.

"Mi a tell di people dem seh even in America nuff people a seh young thug a follow me. I was doing this 10 years ago and people used to laugh at me and now them start appreciate me more. Nuff people all approach mi and sey Young Thug inna mi stye," he continued

"This is a weird thing it's a music thing, we just feel like to express ourselves and this is how I feel like I want to express mine. One time somebody a lick out pan mi and mi mek him know seh a just the art. I am living the art, it's a thing when you are talented you just do weird stuff ... same thing with little Wayne and Kanye West. Lee Scratch Perry and Bob Marley also had their unique styles," he said.

Teetimus also said image is the new driving force behind music since record sales have dipped.

"Sometimes I stand up and people just come up to me and start a conversation because of how I dress. It's not even a confidence thing to me because it's just suh I dress. Mi paint mi nails and some man start call mi all kinds of names but this is just my image and style. The thing change now, it's all about image ... yu notice how Kanye West clothes dem a sell now? But at the same time people never understand and think him mad," he said.

Teetimus is now looking to start his own brand of clothing called Victon Paul. He hopes to partner with a company in Italy to establish the brand.

Teetimus has produced songs like Affairs of the Heart by Damian Marley, Bruck It Down by Mr Vegas, Mystery by Bounty Killer among several other classics. He is also promoting a new collaboration with Vybz Kartel titled My Girl.

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