Zamunda places bet on 'Two Grand'

April 26, 2016

Reggae singer Zamunda has resurfaced after a musical hiatus, one which the singer told THE STAR that he needed if he was to complete his personal and spiritual development.

"I just took some time away from the spotlight to complete my development, not only as a musical warrior, but also as a well-rounded individual. I was faced with so many hurdles, traps and pagans that I felt the need to isolate myself from the space for a while and then re-enter stronger, smarter and better prepared. I am now truly ready to take my place as one of the greats," Zamunda said.

The singer is currently enjoying good reception for his new single, Two Grand. He believes the early success of the song is testament to the fact that there is still a place for him in the music industry.

He also explained that the song is about making the most of limited resources.

"It may not seem like much, but two grand can do a lot a things for some people. If a man have a grand is like nutten, but when him have two, it can balance things," Zamunda told THE STAR.

Known for his speech impediment during interviews, the singer is confident that Two Grand will resonate with the masses due to harsh economic climate.

"It hard out deh, yuh hear bawling everyday," he said.

Zamunda has been recording music for 10 years and has had previous hit songs like Jah Love Surround Me and Badder Than Dem, featuring I-Octane.

Two Grand was produced by YGF Records and will be featured on Zamunda's debut album, Scripts And Scrolls, that is scheduled for a summer release.

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