Navino seeks musical High after Roach's death

April 27, 2016

Dancehall artiste Navino had his best year in the music industry four years ago following the release of his single, 'Chilling Time' on the 'Overproof' rhythm. The success of the single saw him getting a record deal with JA Productions under the wings of the label's co-owner, Patrick Roach.

However, following the murder of Roach in 2013, Navino's rise came to a halt, up until now with the release of his new single, High. The single, which was produced by All Connect Records, addresses the practice of marijuana smoking.

With High in steady rotation on numerous radio stations, both locally and internationally, the Spanish Town-based artiste said he is confident that the record will become a hit in the dancehall.

"Currently, I'm just working with my team to the best of our capabilities to make this one my comeback into the dancehall spotlight," he said.

The singjay said he believes High has the potential to surpass the success of Chilling Time provided it gets the required support. "We just have to keep pushing and pushing, utilising all our resources to make sure this track reaches the ears of all the people out there, both in Jamaica and abroad," he said.

High is featured on the Fruit Punch compilation album and is expected to turn heads leading up to the summer. To keep up with the artiste, fans can log on to his Instagram: @navinotherealone and Facebook: Navino Schemeyute.

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