Reality TV show for Gully Bop, Amari

May 25, 2016
Gully Bop and A'mari.

Apparently there is method to the madness being displayed by entertainer Gully Bop and his new love, A'mari. The two are often bashed and ridiculed for sharing their drama-laced lives on social media, but they might be reeling in big bucks from it soon.

Without divulging too much, A'mari told THE STAR that they are in the early stages of negotiations with a European-based television station to have their own reality TV Show.

"Right now we are supposed to sign a contract to have our own reality TV show. They are planning a mini tour for us. We are supposed to leave on the first of next month to meet with them and to sign the contract. They are putting us out there as a brand," A'mari said. "I really can't give out too much information because everything is still in the making."

Since becoming an item, it has been non-stop drama between the two lovebirds who hardly hold back anything from social media about their bizarre relationship.

In a recent online video, A'mari is seen engaging in sexual frolic with Gully Bop in a hotel room. During the 25-minute video, A'mari playfully tongues and kisses Gully Bop's nipples while encouraging him to scream her name. In the video, A'mari slides between Bop's legs and starts kissing his navel saying, "you have a pretty navel."

Many viewer's were disgruntled at what they called the ''disturbing'' video, and hurled insults at the two. But A'mari is not bothered.

"I get that every day. I'm so used to it. I get terrible comments, but it's all a part of the industry and it's all a part of life. I'm immune to most of them by now. I got shunned for years, so after a while, you get hardened," she said, asking posters to desist from speaking ill of her 13 children.

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