Artiste unite to end violence

July 08, 2016
Ninja Man
Bounty Killer
File Lawrence 'Jah Mike' Lugg

Long-time promoter and recording artiste Lawrence 'Jah Mike' Lugg has partnered with several artistes for an islandwide peace tour aimed at reducing violence and promoting education.

The 'Stop the Violence' tour will feature Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Ninja Man, Half Pint, international artiste Abajonai Kushites and many others.

Lugg told THE WEEKEND STAR he feels Jamaica's crime rate is out of control and the tour is his way of trying to curb it. "When I see the crime getting out of hand, I felt I needed to do the tour, to talk to the people to let them know the importance of parenting. It all starts from parenting," Lugg said. "Too much crime and violence in the country. Guns don't fight guns. We have to go and talk to the people. We plan to speak to them about sharing, caring, and respecting each other."

The islandwide initiative is a spin-off of a programme Lugg spearheaded in his home community of Barbican, where he has seen significant results. "Barbican was a dangerous place. People used to die there every day, and I helped to stop that. I put up posters. I gave out about 3,000 T-shirts saying, 'We are flesh and blood, we must stop the violence'," Lugg revealed.

Over the years he has also hosted concerts, football matches and treats, all aimed at uniting community members in Barbican and Grants Pen.

Lugg hopes to see similar results coming from the tour, which kicks off on July 30 at the Peace Park on Grants Pen Road. Gates open at 2 p.m. with a fun day for children and a stage show at 6 p.m. Admission is free.

Other artistes slated to appear on the Grants Pen leg of the show are Kenneth Culture, Baby Father, Kibaki, Singing Sweet, Super Blacks, Reggie Stepper, Michael Dawkins, Congo Billy, Jurdie, Tina, Gravity, Istar and Revalert.

The tour will be in various towns, including Barbican and Papine, St Andrew; Mandeville, Manchester; downtown Kingston; Spanish Town and Linstead, St Catherine; Ocho Rios, St Ann; and Montego Bay, St James.

So far, Lugg has secured some sponsors for the tour, but is seeking others. Those wishing to help may contact him at 1-876-816-5948.

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