Deejay flung from bike, hit by car

July 19, 2016

Controversial recording artiste Lanmine, who is known for having over 40 piercings in his face, was yesterday released from hospital following his involvement in a serious motorcycle accident last week.

Lanmine, who was admitted at the Spanish Town Hospital for four days, is now at home recuperating from injuries he sustained in the accident last Thursday morning. The artiste was not able to speak with THE STAR directly as his neck was still swollen, and doctors have ordered him to rest.

However, his manager, Stashment, told THE STAR that at the time of the accident, the artiste was on his way from a party in Tower Isle. She said the bike on which Lanmine was a pillion was hit by a motor car, which resulted in him being flung into the air. He was also hit by a second vehicle immediately after.

"When them reach Greendale in Spanish Town, a lady drive out [her car] in the path of the bike. The bike collide with the car, and he was on the back, so him fly off the bike into the air. Then when him drop, another car come bounce him," she explained.

Stashment added that Lanmine sustained serious injuries to his head and the left side of his body.

"Him head burst and doctors say him have batter blood inna him hip. Him a feel a whole heap of pain to his left side. Half side of him couldn't move at all," she explained, adding that he was unable to walk or talk initially.

Based on the severity of the accident, Stashment told THE STAR that she, along with the doctors treating Lanmine, are amazed that the artiste has not suffered any broken limbs.

"The doctors a say it's unbelievable the type a lick dem weh him get, and him no bruck up. Dem can't understand because the whole a him hip has batter blood under it," she said.

Promoting new single

Stashment said the accident could not have come at a worse time as the artiste just started promoting his single, Dream On, on the 'Qualification' rhythm.

"On the first night him decide fi start campaign, the accident happen. So mi haffi wonder what kind of sign this is," Stashment said.

Since his release from hospital, Lanmine has taken to social media to express his gratitude to God and fans for their continued support.

"Out a road mi seh. Thank you Jesus mi deh ya. Big up to all mi real, real, real people dem out deh love uno yow. Mi crash off a bike and wen me drop a car lick me again. Mi never must deh ya, but God know why. Suh badmind better DREAM ON, mi still a smile suh big up God, big up all family, friends, and fans," he posted.

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