Mr Vegas mocks 'haters' in new video

August 04, 2016
Mr Vegas
Mr Vegas

Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas has released a new song, 'Own Leader', that is aimed at his detractors. The lyrics in the song and the accompanying music video appear to throw jabs at Amari, Red Rat, and Popcaan, but Mr Vegas told THE STAR the track is not a diss record.

"I realised that most people these days are just followers and don't have a mind of their own. Within our own music industry, people will be quick to sell you out for outsiders. I am leading the fight to preserve reggae-dancehall music, even if no one wants to help me lead this charge. I wrote the song with the visual of the haters in mind," he said.

The music video features characters resembling Popcaan, Amari, and Red Rat, but the artiste, who also released Dancehall Pirate that was aimed at rapper Drake earlier this year, stated that his decision to release Own Leader is purely a dancehall decision.

"It is not a diss song. Everything I said in the song is reality. I write music off happenings and these things did happen and are still happening. My album is called This is Dancehall, and the type of lyrics that I put forward is the way it used to be back in the days. That's a part of our culture. If you have a problem with it, the floor is open," he said.


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Mr Vegas and Popcaan have been at odds since the veteran stated on his social media talk show that Drake is fake because he did not credit Jamaican artistes who worked on his album, Views. As Drake's friend, Popcaan responded to those comments in social media, stating that he did not want Mr Vegas to speak on his behalf.

Own Leader will also be featured on Mr Vegas' album, This is Dancehall, which he said has been pushed back due to a disagreement with a featured artiste.

"The album will be released on September 23. I had to push it back because an artiste that was featured on Dancehall Dab remix changed his mind on wanting to be a part of the project after the song was recorded, mixed, mastered, and uploaded to iTunes. We had to pull it down to avoid any legal entanglement," he said.

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