Performing with Bounty is like heaven - Strykk

August 10, 2016
Contributed Strykk performing with Bounty Killer

Dancehall artiste Strykk recently shared stage for the first time with his mentor Bounty Killer while performing at Mugs All White. He told THE STAR that the experience was next to being in heaven.

According to the young artiste, Bounty Killer's status as a stalwart in dancehall music is next to godly. "To be sharing the same stage with Bounty Killer, is like being an angel in dancehall heaven. Bounty Killer the dancehall god and I were in dancehall heaven giving praises with the god," he said.

The artiste explained that the occasion was spontaneous. "I was not booked to perform so I didn't plan to. However, I never go road without the tools of my trade, so I walked with my rhythm CD. While being at the venue, standing in VIP, many fans and patrons were asking if I was gonna perform. Unaware if I would get a chance to, I ventured backstage to investigate. I was told that I might go on after Bounty, so I said no problem. While watching Killer's performance from side stage I heard him ask where is Strykk, and I immediately seized the opportunity," he said.

Strykk said he coincidentally had a song titled Real Killa, which he decided to dedicate to Bounty during his set. "The crowd got crazy; all I could see were lighter, torches and hands. The cheers and applause were very loud, then I proceeded to the next song, hot off my mixtape, called Try Me. The crowd went in a frenzy and then, finally, I calmed down the crowd and delivered the real message of the night - to look into the 'general's' eyes and tell him A Nuh Every Fren A Fren. The audience got wild," he said.

The artiste said he is still waiting for his big break. However, Bounty Killer's endorsement is very motivating.

Strykk was recently selected as an ambassador for CLAP Fashions. His mixtape Bad Boii Style is available for download and he will release and album titled Supa Nova in the coming weeks. He will next perform at French Inhale on August 13, 2016.

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