Don Andre does tribute for Bolt

August 11, 2016
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Don Andre

Dancehall artiste Don AndrE has dedicated his dance single, Jog, to sprint legend Usain Bolt, and has predicted that the world's fastest man will obliterate his opponents in the upcoming 100-metre final.

Known for his hit record Tom Cruise, the deejay said Jog was not intended to be a song about track and field, but everything came full circle with the Olympic fever in the air. As a result, the artiste decided to do a remix to the song as an ode to Usain Bolt, reinforcing the athlete's dominance on the field.

"The whole concept of Jog was for it to become the follow-up to Tom Cruise, but it's Olympic time, so I decided to switch it up for the big man himself, Usain Bolt, and the entire team Jamaica as well. The fans have been loving every bit of it, and right now it is arguably the official Usain Bolt theme song for Rio 2016," said Don AndrE who performed the song at Reggae Sumfest and Dream Weekend recently.

public platform

Known to be a relatively good dancer himself, Usain Bolt is yet to do the 'Jog' dance move on a public platform. Nonetheless, Don AndrE hopes when the sprinter crosses the finish line at Rio, Brazil, he will perform the dance move.

"I am batting for Usain Bolt to win all his races, and at the end it would be pleasing to see him do the 'Jog' dance. Done know he will be effortlessly jogging pass all his opponents because he is the man," Don Andre said.

Usain Bolt is set to compete in the 100m, 200m, and 4X100m relay at Rio.

The 'Gully Creepa' dance move that was created by slain dancer Ice, formerly of the Roses Crew, became an instant hit after Usain Bolt performed the dance move following his 200m record-breaking performance at the Olympics in 2008.

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