Iceman releases song for Olympics

August 16, 2016
Donald 'Iceman' Anderson

Actor and singer Donald 'Iceman' Anderson is currently promoting an Olympic Games-inspired single, Reggae Rio. In addition to promoting the new record, he also revealed that he will now be under the stage name Slashe.

"I am a sports fanatic. I especially love track and field. I have been a supporter of the Boy and Girls' Championships in every way. I even attend training and meets. I mentor the kids and lend a hand whenever I can. The song is how every Jamaican feel right now to see our champions who were former track stars here in Jamaica become the World and Olympic stars," he said, noting that persons have already been purchasing the song online.

"The song complements the culture of beating a pot cover for celebration. And since the Olympics are happening in Rio, we fused the reggae, dancehall, and the popular music in Rio, which is samba, and we got Reggae Rio."

And even after the Olympics have ended, Anderson said the single will still be very relevant.

"They love Jamaica, they love reggae and they love the Olympic performance of the Jamaicans in Rio. The song may be played even after the Olympics because it is not dated and it's a good song. Music will live forever. Roy Rayon's Give Thanks and Praises is still a massive hit, however the song was made specifically for that time. Music is a Zeitgeist of the times. This song is for this time. If people want to play it 10 years from now, they will," he said.

Variety of talents

As it relates to his decision to perform under the name Slashe, the artiste explained that Slashe best describes the variety of his talents in entertainment.

"Slashe is an addition to Iceman and not a name change. I am Iceman, aka Slashe. Slashe is the musician. The focus on music requires new image and the name Slashe serves as appropriate, seeing that I am an actor, comedian, singer, and songwriter. All my other faculties are summed up into one name as Slashe when I do music," he said.

Anderson recently completed a live album at Tuff Gong Studios with the Phuzzion Band. The first single from the album will be released in the last quarter of 2016.

"I have a single, titled Today, produced by DJ Nicco on the 'Vacation' Rhythm. Reggae Rio is produced by MJR Productions and is now available on iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon. Call your local radio stations and ask them to play Reggae Rio for some Olympic Vibes," he said.

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